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Our refund policy is simple. You do not pay until you attend class, so there are no refunds for the school fee. You could receive a refund for all the court fees and surcharges though. Here is the court (legal) version of the Defensive Drive School refund policy.

The School will not accept prepayment of its defensive driving course and once the course begins, the School course fee is non-refundable. The School will refund the state fee, court diversion fee and state surcharge as set forth below:
  • An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a defensive driving course for that citation. Upon notification by the jurisdictional court, the School shall notify division staff a refund is requested. Upon written approval by division staff, the School shall refund the court diversion, state fee and state surcharge to the student; or
  • A citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

Refund of the court diversion fee, state fee or the state surcharge shall result in restoration of the student's eligibility for a defensive driving course.

The School shall provide a student with its refund policy prior to accepting the fees or registration in the course.

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