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Welcome to the West Valley PHX Defensive Driving School!

We offer classes that are informative and entertaining at the same time. Why should you attend our school?

For traffic violations:

  • Your violation dismisses automatically after completion;
  • Your driver's license won't have points assessed against it;
  • Your insurance rates won't increase due to the violation.

If you did not have a traffic violation, many insurance companies will reduce insurance rates for people who attend defensive driving school voluntarily. Contact your insurance company for their details.

Our classes offer a unique game show format so you can enjoy yourself while learning practical defensive driving suggestions to make your driving experience safer. A dynamic, engaging instructor leads each class. The Arizona Supreme Court licenses our classes and all Arizona court jurisdictions approve course attendance. You just register, pay the total cost when you arrive, and enjoy yourself at class.

There are no tests or hidden fees for students attending our school.

Use the navigation above to learn more about eligibility, the cost of attending and where your money goes, the refund policy, and how to sign up for classes that are fun and fast paced!

Participant feedback

"Finally, a class that wasn't so boring :)"

"It wasn't just a lecture, it was interactive."

"Very fast paced with good info."

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Who can attend

Anyone can register and attend our Defensive Driving class. But in order for people to have traffic violations dismissed they must meet the following eligibility requirements.


Your citation must be on the list of eligible violations. If eligible, you can attend for one violation only.

  • You must complete your course 7 days prior to your court date.
  • You have not attended a defensive driving course within the past 12 months.
  • If you were involved in a serious injury or fatal accident you are not eligible.
  • If you hold a commercial driver's license you are eligible for the Defensive Driving Diversion Program if you were not driving commercially at the time of the violation.

Participant feedback

"I have been attending AARP Defensive driving classes presented by many different instructors for more than twenty years. I can say that I have never attended a more interesting and informative session than your presentation."

"Very welcoming and fun."

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The costs to attend one of our classes

No Hidden fees!

The total cost to attend our class includes a state fee ($24.00), state surcharge ($45.00), school fee ($41.00) and local court fees that vary by court. Click here for total cost to attend all courts. These are the costs set by the Arizona courts and our school has no hidden fees to students. If you are shopping around for schools, please keep us and our up-front pricing in mind.

We electronically communicate with the court when you register and complete the course. We handle the paperwork and money transfer to pay your costs to the courts. Simply register, pay when you arrive at class, and be entertained while learning about defensive driving. We handle the rest for you.

Participant feedback

"Entertaining and educational. Class was great!"

"Was fun and had my attention the whole time."

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Our in-person classes

Our Defensive Driving School provides traffic ticket dismissal classes in a unique game show format for qualified drivers. Classes are fast paced, friendly and fun.

The classes taught in the Phoenix metro area are at the:

Homewood Suites by Hilton
Phoenix-Avondale location
11450 W. Hilton Way
Avondale, AZ 85323

We offer classes Saturdays 8:30am to 12:45pm and Wednesdays 5:30pm to 9:45pm. Please arrive 30 minutes before class begins to check-in. Do NOT arrive late for class. Due to court class time requirements, late arrivals cannot attend class that day and will have to reschedule.

The entire defensive driving experience takes about five hours to complete. The time includes check-in, four hours of instructional time, a 15 minute break, and up to 15 minutes of course time for student evaluations and distributing completion certificates.

You are welcome to bring a light snack and non-alcoholic beverages.

Participant feedback

"I found the whole course to be valuable. My mother had taken this class not too long ago and loved it, so she recommended I go."

"Instructor's technique was effective and first time I am taking defensive driving school seriously."

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Register now for upcoming classes

  • Saturday October 19th
  • Saturday October 26th
  • Saturday November 2nd
  • Wednesday November 6th
  • Saturday November 9th
  • Saturday November 16th
  • Wednesday November 20th

Homewood Suites is located just south of the I-10, off of Avondale Boulevard @ exit 131

How to register

To attend one of our classes, you can complete the registration process online or call our office at 623-243-6800.

You will need your Driver's License or Government Issued ID and your citation to register. Participants taking the course for insurance purposes will not have a citation but can still register by calling our office directly at 623-243-6800.

Once registered, you MUST bring the following to class:

  • Driver's License
  • Traffic Citation
  • Payment by money order or cashier check made out to West Valley PHX DDS
    (instructor does not carry change for cash)

Note: If you are required to attend Traffic Survival School, you need a different type of school. We do not teach Traffic Survival courses.

Participant feedback

"It was entertaining, so it was easier to pay attention."

"Excellent course, thank you for your energy and commitment. Learned of your school by word of mouth - good reputation"

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Refund policy

Our refund policy is simple. You do not pay until you attend class, so there are no refunds for the school fee. You could receive a refund for all the court fees and surcharges though. Here is the court (legal) version of the Defensive Drive School refund policy.

The School will not accept prepayment of its defensive driving course and once the course begins, the School course fee is non-refundable. The School will refund the state fee, court diversion fee and state surcharge as set forth below:
  • An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a defensive driving course for that citation. Upon notification by the jurisdictional court, the School shall notify division staff a refund is requested. Upon written approval by division staff, the School shall refund the court diversion, state fee and state surcharge to the student; or
  • A citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.

Refund of the court diversion fee, state fee or the state surcharge shall result in restoration of the student's eligibility for a defensive driving course.

The School shall provide a student with its refund policy prior to accepting the fees or registration in the course.

Participant feedback

"The information was very useful and well explained. Class was great!"

"People who have never been to defensive driving school, take this course."

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Contact Us

Our goal is to make every class entertaining and enjoyable while you learn about defensive driving. To contact us:

Call for immediate assistance: 623-243-6800 or 623-239-9496
Email us: info@westvalleyphxdds.com

Participant feedback

"Class was exciting and it went by fast."

"The instructor was great. Teacher explained everything well."

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